Saturday, September 11, 2010

Late Comming

Look ma!  I'm a ghost!

Well, it's been a while since I've been around.  I'm still alive, just been doing things in real life.  I needed to get away from the stress of the game and actually do things in the real world for a change.  I really didn't tell people I was going away for a bit.  Just needed a break you know?  I'm sorry for not saying anything, but I'm doing good.

I have the itch though...not the nasty kind either.  This itch consists of six hours of working on the new level cap and meriting.  Man...I want to work on my new hat and armor...I just have to wait.  Maybe by the time I return people will have the information up on how to get these seals needed for the upgrade...  I'll just have to see.

If you wonder why this Tetris image is to the left of this paragraph...well...I'll tell you.  The last two days I had a craving to play it.  What did I do?  I went onto Facebook and started playing 2p on Tetris battle.  My computer lags, so I get frustrated when I go to drop my block...just to have it drop like three seconds later in a different spot I wanted it in.  So I started playing and I got two levels yesterday and a few ranks so I'm excited.  Enough on that though.

Today also I went and saw the new Resident Evil movie, and at some parts I could sit there and just guess what was going to happen...or who people where.  "Well...that's obvious to who **** is...he's **** from **** to ****."  Alright, I'll stop with the spoilers, but I do recommend seeing it.  I will also say, the previews to the movie though scared the shit out of me.  I don't remember which movie it was for...but I thought something was going to scare me at the beginning but it didn't...but at the end of the trailer where the little girl is crawling under her blankets with a flashlight and then a loud scream and fast ugly/ghost face jumps out at you...ya...I'm glad I didn't need the restroom just yet...  Another little thing...Do you guys remember that Axe holding big guy from resident evil 5?  Well...he's in here...and he's awsome...yet scary >.>.

Sorry about the short blog, but I have no energy and having to work tomorrow already mentally exhausts me.  So I wish you all a good evening/morning or what ever time you read this.  Have fun, and happy hunting on FFXI.

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