Tuesday, September 7, 2010

To a Great Relief

WoE sitting place, the sky is gonna eat me.
I really don't taste like chicken.

Today started off as a bad day work, but it quickly turned into a better one.  The highlight of my day had to of been when me and my co worker were trying to put together the cardboard "3-D" display for Halo Reach.  Laugh all you want, but it was the most fun I had all day.

The box came with a large list of instructions for putting it together, but looking at the instructions...it became easy to tell that the instructions weren't very...instructive.  Most of it was "well...this looks right...hey it is!" sorta touch and go.  When putting together the base we noticed we were missing a piece...and then come to find out it had fallen out of the line of site and laughed at the thirty minutes it took us to finally put together this five foot tall cardboard piece together.  I'll be sure to grab a picture of it to show you our handy work.

Currently, I can't say I've done much on game lately.  I leveled my pup to sixty-four, and I can't tell you how happy that made me.  I've been sixty-three for six months, and I never thought I would get it passed it.  Well anyway, we were doing birds outside of whitegate.  Halfway through it I switched to white mage pup because our healer was running out of magic and I said i'd help out.  From there on out it looked as though my pup was mainly doing the "main healing".  That's fine and all, I know Histrion seems to have a never ending supply of magic, or it seems that way.  Though at times if all he's doing is casting cure iv he starts to run out fast.  So I have to deactivate/reactivate, and there it causes problems.  All in all though, I was pretty happy.

I saw that they finally released the official day they are doing the update for FFXI, which is tomorrow.  I know the abyssea trailer said it would be tomorrow, but SE had failed to mention if this was the "true" date.  Upon reading the notes for it tomorrow, I saw that they are releasing a new NPC that would warp us to the the maws.  This made me thing, "Are they going to charge us gil, or curor?"  I really...REALLY hope it's the later of the two, because we all know that SE isn't going to do it for free.  Even if it ends up being one thousand curor it would be well worth the cost just for the faster access, and no need to wait on a tele.  Too bad there they aren't releasing a Nomad Moogle inside the zones...but maybe they are...we'll find out tomorrow...and if so...I'm so claiming total rights to "I knew they would!" first.

Scars of Abyssea
For the armor they have released on the website also for the new add on /expansion.  I will swear up and down that they are doing a full set.  I mean really, look at this photo.  I'll admit I don't know what all a Blue Mage wears for armor, but can anyone honestly tell me what body piece he's wearing in this photo?  It does not look like perle either from the Vissions part.  You can sorta see the taru Thief in the background, and it looks like he's wearing a matching body.  For the Red Mage, it looks like maybe gloves and the design for the body is different, but I wont swear to the Red Mage.  I may be crazy, but again, if there really is a FULL SET, I call claims to "I told you so" to all that argued with me recently about this photo.

Finally the last thing I will talk about is the video link I posted below.  It was my failed attempt at sharing this to my blog from youtube, but underneath it is the link to the video.  Anyway, the song below is a nightcored version of N Force's "All Or Nothing".  I believe the original is by O-Town, but I could be wrong.  Anyway, this song has been on my mind the last few days and I broke down and downloaded the nightcored version someone had made on youtube, (thank you!).  Either way, if you don't know what nightcore is, I'll just break it down.  Nightcore = slightly/sped up version of already made songs.  I guess you can really sum it up as a type of remix.  The pitch is also usually raised just slightly, but it shouldn't sound chipmunk-y.  Well, I do hope you enjoy it.  I'll give out one more link to a nightcored version of a remix to the famous Titanic Theme.  Enjoy.

My Heart Will Go On


  1. I do love the song, I really wish I was a little more enthusiastic about the new content for XI, but I guess It remains to be seen if I'll end up liking it as much or not.

  2. I'm not too excited, but i wanna see the options.