Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm such a bad blogger...

Wow...I really need to visit you all more often here. I haven't been up to much but working and playing ffxi...the usual. I placed the song above just because it's how I feel at the moment. A lot is going on in my life and I haven't been a good friend to a lot of you, and you know who you are :( I'm very deeply sorry for not being a good friend. I'm just an airhead and a lot going on. On a lighter note...i'm still singing to keep my spirits higher. Also...come one? You can't say that Three Days Grace Nightcore isn't Epic :) Gotta love this song, but I kinda like there softer/sadder song on there latest cd. "Last to Know" Man...that song touches base with me so much...but in the end, I know things will be okay because people will see how "he" was/is and will never change.

Let's see... My birthday is coming up soon...I'll be 22 this year :) Happy Halloween~ It saddens me though, because I'll see xmas stuff on the shelves before my birthday comes and goes :( Darn you holiday madness D:

What else...what else...

Work has been alright. A lot of stress from both idiot customers and just the fact that we are lacking coverage in both Electronics and Photo lab currently. I mean seriously...people do your research before you come in and then huff and puff about the price. A couple came in to look at the "Wii" and I told them the price is 199 for just the system. And went on to say that if the two of them wanted to play at the same time (The Sports Pack and the Sports Resorts that comes with it) They would need another Controller, Nunchuck, and Motion Plus, which would cost around another 70 from there. Then they went on to say they wanted the "wii fitness" and saw the software on in the case. I told them if they wanted the Wii Fit that it would be another 99 from there. Which they went on to argue about it only being 19.98 in the case. Well that's the software still need the board to stand on... ugh, and then went on to say, "I only state the obvious but your TVs aren't working and you wont be selling anything like that." Which I then proceeded to tell him that 1. The tv over the Wii case doesn't even have a system hooked up to it, and that any of the "promotional ads" were back from 2008, and the only game they show that we still currently sell is Mario Party 8...which is only a 10 second clip and still doesn't make the game leave our case any faster. 2. The TV wall which had our other TVs weren't working because there was some issues with the signal in the back office, which we can't get into unless the people working in the office are there, which they weren't. He then proceeded to say in a tone that was implying how stupid we were, "Well since you're too busy to do it then you'll lose your sales." Guess what bud...three TVs sold earlier, and that's more then what we usually sell in the morning! HA!

At that point, i asked my associate for the keys, and remote, flipped the tv on. Walked away from the couple without another word, and went to the TV wall and proceeded to turn off all the TVs, which the man followed me and watched me, I still ignored him at that point and he left. I'm sorry, I don't get paid to deal with rude people and I can sure as hell deal it back.

After fuming for a little bit to myself my co-worker asked me what was up and then we laughed because I'm not one to blow up at work and then proceeded to how she would react if she had to deal with them.

On another note...FFXI is still the number one source of entertainment. I'm leveling BRD for the time being. I had a party invite the other day, and let me tell you, waste of time. This WHM invited me to party in Qufim...i really didn't want to do Qufim...but i figured the faster i get to the 30s, the less inclined to accepting a Qufim party I'll be. I'm level 26...and I need to practice distance and such for Mage's Ballad. So he insists that everyone go to Qufim immediately even though he only has three people in the party. What I go to qufim, and I end up getting killed by a weapon at the end of the tunnel right where the book and worms are. Well that WHM says "I have raise...brb" and that agrivated me. So i said in party, "While you're gone, I'm going to go and get some food real quick."

Another 5 minutes later I come back, I do have raise on, and in party that WHM seemed to have done a call, and I had been removed from party... WTF? So i raised up and asked him what was going on and why was I kicked, and he ignored me. So I told him in spite "Well i guess you're loss, I had a PL." and he replied with "Sorry, we're full." and at that point, I rested up, waiting for unweakened, and ran out in the middle of the tunnel. And I Foe Requiem a worm. He does Stone II on me and that WHM tries to cast cure II on me. I immediately put blockaid on so that no one can cure me. It may have taken me five minutes, but i soloed that damn worm using my songs and spells. They just stood by and watched. At that point my "friend" shows up and follows me around...and they proceed to check him thirty times over. So at this point, I Requiem another worm and start fighting it with blockaid off so that my friend can heal me and take hate. After i killed the second worm, I see there party running up and down the tunnel. There tanking following me around to "out claim" me and all I could do is laugh. "Am i really that threatening when provoke is faster?" As time goes by, they run back passed me with two Wights on them and my friend started to help them. I mean really...who the hell runs around qufim at level 19 during nighttime? Idiots...

Well going to try and level tonight :/ I want to start wearing my RSE gear and then go from there. Night everyone~

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