Friday, October 15, 2010

Just Another Day

It was such a wonderful evening... not really...

Dynamis - Jeuno was a wreck.  That zone chewed us up and spat us out and then proceeded to stomp there feet and wipe at the front door.  Only good thing that really came of this zone is I am now 5/5 on PUP gear.  yay me.  woo~

Tonight though we had a few new people in our mix, and we pulled the zone a little different...the results...second wipe we had to HP cause we repoped the stones from the AH.  Myself...i HPed about 3 times...thrid time I just went to bed because we had less then twenty minutes left...and I wasn't going to just sit there for 10 for a chance at rng hat.

Work  Just a long day and tomorrow gonna be twice as long.  There is only going to be me and my other co worker this whole weekend...know what that means?  No...but I'll tell you.  It means I'll have to fight to have someone cover my lunch periods :/  It's gonna be twice as hard because they will most likely have to watch Jewelry and or Photo.  Blah...

Gonna cut this short tonight...I haven't slept well in five nights...and I need to have some sleep before I get up at 6:30am...  Sleep well all.

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