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Yes, thank goodness it's Tuesday.  Know why?  Well, I really don't expect you guys to know why.  I've worked the last seven days and today is the first of my three day "weekend" as I'll call it.  Let me tell you, it's been a horrible...horrible weekend...

First off Saturday was just busy as all get out with very little coverage on our sale's floor.  Sunday...Sunday was hell that just kept getting worse and worse.  It started off with two people covering the sales floor at 7am.  That's sometimes more then what I am used to...  Well let's see...  I went to check who was coming in to work and what times...I come to find out that no one basically was coming in until 11am that day...

What the hell??  Seriously...how can you expect two people to cover the entire store when there is two people to cover it...you can't...you just can't.  To top it off...I have to watch Electronics and Jewlery and those can't be unattended..so if I went on break, the other would have to watch and there is no way a person can do hardware/fabrics/sporting goods ...you can't.  I bother the service desk and I am able to get a cashier to cover me about 9am that morning for break...I was hungry :(

The cashier comes back and this couple wants to buy a ring and want it set out to be sized just as I am about to go on break...well I have to help them.  So I do so, and it's another 20 mintues before I go on break.  8 minutes later...power goes off...yay...I shorten my break and head out to the floor, and tell customers that they need to go up front towards the doors.  I had one lady ask "Why?"  You serious lady?  It's fucking dark in the store...only emergency lights are on...Do you really need to ask why?

Well she goes up front and I go to inform the other group I saw heading towards fabrics and auto. Trying to get there attention was less then likely to happen and I told them that they needed to head up to the front of the store for safety reasons.   "Are the cash registers working?"  >.>  Why do I get the idiots??  Why???  Of course they are working...cause you know...the lights are totally off...meaning that there is nothing wrong with the power and the Cash Registers surly are wind and water powered...

My assistant manager of the day kicked all the customers out of the store at this point and locked the doors.  <3 Yay...now we don't have to worry about shoplifters.  The funny thing also I saw...people outside were still trying to open the doors...not like the building is dark right?

Anywho, power comes back on about 30 minutes later and we open the doors 10 minutes later after the cash registers have time to reboot.  My hand scanner isn't working and I can tell you...you never know how much you use something until you can't.  So I have to hand key in serial numbers and such on iPods cause they are too small to scan from the regular base.  So I get my lunch finally about 12:30pm and come back about 1:30.  I should have someone at 3pm so I only had an hour and a half by myself.

Ten minutes till 3, my photo associate comes back to me and tells me to go to break.  I told them that my coverage comes in at 3 and I'll take my break then.

"That's going to be a problem..." She said.

At that moment...I sighed, finished checking out the customer I had and looked at her.  "He called off didn't he?"

No need to reply...I already knew...What a wonderful day this was...the closer called off and no one else was going to be there from 4-midnight.  Well we got it figured out and I still left at 4pm when I was supposed to.

That night I played some more FFXI to relieve my stress...about 6pm...I see a shout "A Goldstruck Gigas" Do you need it?  Briareus fight!

Hell to the yeah!  I jumped on whm and joined up...

An hour later, and much...much to the realization...We weren't going to fight Briareus...instead...going to farm the Key Items...then pop him...I didn't mind...I have the stones...but one person didn't...

So we get all the items about 3 hours later...and a few said "I only have 60 minutes left"  and another said "I have 34 minutes left...your shout said nothing about farming for the key items first...just said the Boss fight."

The next statement made me sick to my stomach.

"Alright, I'll replace you."

Ya..the fight gonna take more then 34 minutes...but the other option was to let him stay outside and have him join in when the NM was down enough.  I mean...it's not like he didn't help get the key items for the alliance leader..right?

The PLD said "You can't expect to get a free ride for the NM Boss."

The way I see it, the group was misled into farming the Key Items, and no one was told how long that was going to take because there is no way of knowing when a key item that isn't 100% to drop will drop...another thing...it's still not really a free ride to the Boss especially if you still have to kill the boss.  The NMs to get the key items are not that hard...really...they aren't.  You really have to work on the final boss because it doesn't mess around.

The person who only have about 34 minutes replied, "Thanks...it really makes me happy that I helped you all get they key items."  And he was kicked after that.  Kaze was RNG in the group, and he left because of all the BS that whole mishap was.  He didn't say anything and I may be a little vengeful...but I /salute him for doing so :)  Because he was the only RNG, and the alliance leader wanted a special WS from him :)

Come to find out...about an hour into the boss fight and such.  All this one ws at a time was just to try for a fucking atma...what the hell???  I didn't come to help you get an atma...I came to kill the damn boss.  Do the ATMA with your ls.  /rant

After it turned "black" we went full out on it and kited it around the lake from there.  The BLMs would nuke and such...and oh one thing to add...

Girlygirl...I swear English must not be her first language...just seem broken...choppy...and just wouldn't answer when asked questions period...  Well she wanted me on my whm to cure the DDs as they TPed.  I don't mind that, that's fine.  She told us to TP off flies though...so we started...and linked like 6 and we all died, and she goes on to say "Pull one and if link comes WHM repose them."

Ya...like my macro didn't tell you I did that...  "Repose Just used it.  << <t> >>"

Ya...so didn't use it..

There were pixies on the other side of the lake...and those don't link/agro.  So a few people said to just TP off those, and that taru said 'No!  TP OFF FLIES"  fuck that...  As i disagreed with that this "Omnivirus" chick goes to say "How hard is it to cure DD and repose links?"

Hello??  Excuse me?  whm/sch repose...and sleep with dark arts... I do not have an AOE sleep to begin with.  And then proceeded to yell at that taru Girlygirl again.

She started with "You listen!  You tp off flies!"

"No you listen!  Flies fucking link and pixies do not!  You want another Wipe??? Go for it!"

Omni again when on to say something and i said in party "If it's so easy why don't you cure them?"

She/he/it ignored me and after we started killing the damn nm we take it down about 45 minutes later...and 2am now...finally I left without a word and was done from there.

Well...I'm done ranting so I'll just leave this blog at that.  :)

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