Friday, November 12, 2010

When it becomes a hurricane.

Yes, it passes right over pours to a hurricane.  Stress and it seems everything at work is breaking.  Photolab is completely down.  The HP machines, which are amazing and never seem to break...well...they didn't break...but they did run out of ink...and if I can ever find the genius who put an empty ink cartridge back on our supplies shelf...IN THE BOX...needs to be shot.

Last family recieved the news from the doctors from my Grandmother's test...

Back story:

Last Friday my grandma went in for a doctor's appointment.  They took an xray of her chest after they told her she had phemonia (sp?)  Well with the xray showing more infection...and her white blood cell count not showing anything out of the ordinary...they want a test.

Monday came, and my Grandmother went to the hospital and had a scope take a piece of the infection form her lung.  The doctor was a real joke...didn't even tell my mother or my grandfather that my grandmother was awake and in her room for over and hour and a half after the surgery was done, then to top it off wouldn't show his face afterwards, so they let my grandmother come home.

Current as of yesterday:

Well...the test results came in.  My mother called me earlier that day to ask me if she wanted her to call when they got the news or when she got home.  I told her "Well...depends on the news...if it's bad...don't worry about driving home and talking..."

She came home.  She was pretty quiet and she walked to my door.  At the time...I was playing world of warcraft and doing some exploring to uncover all the maps...  At that point she told me...

"Stage 3 Lung Cancer"

I don't think I really thought much after that...I am still sorta numb feeling I suppose...  my grandmother...a second mother to me...has stage 3 cancer...

I really can't think straight...just giving you all a little update...I'll write more later when I can think clearly.

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