Monday, May 9, 2011

It's Been a While.

I forgot my password...and only now just recovered it's been several months since I've posted here...thought it was time for a major update...and I thought I would go through what's been going on in my FFXI career...looking through my xbox and seeing all the screenshots I've taken over the last year brought up a lot of fond memories...and a lot of memories I wish had stayed forgotten.  But I figured I'd make a very long blog...and possibly do weekly updates form here on out of my ffxi week or something to that line. Alright..let's get things started...

Dynamis Qufim

This one was from way back when before abyssea...  Before abyssea!  What the?  There was a before abyssea?!  Yeah...I kid...  This screenshot here was when our leader Tka was still playing.  From what I've heard he's working long days and he's doing good.  I don't remember the outcome of this run, but I don't think we cleared it that night.  This was also when our linkshell felt like a linkshell...Had everyone still here and felt like one big family.  That feeling has someone left recently...

This of those memories I wish I could forget.  It's brings back fond memories for when I was leveling my PUP, but the person next to me ruins that fond memory.  Bill and I've had a fall out over the last few months, and currently he's found himself a few victim to stalk...I wish her luck and hope that she wont take everything this man takes to heart.  I'm probably one of those "exs" (which mind you I never was his "girl") he talks about calling the "whore" and "bitch" like he call his ex at the time while I was playing.  None the less, my ffxi career  has been stress free since I've removed this "boy" from my list.  Goodluck Yuna or what ever your name're going to need it.

A glorious day in the learning experience of Abyssea!  This was the first time taking on the Tier III VNM for Tahrongi.  I could be wrong, it's been a while...but alas, we did not win and failed due to lack of knowledge and expereince.  This is also when our linkshell was SerenityDreamings instead of the newly managed DreamState.  I never thought I'd miss a bright yellow pearl as I do now seeing this picture.

How many times did your group party at Buggards and have this friendly guy drop in just to say "Hi.  How's it going?"  All those warm fuzzy memories of abyssea makes me laugh.  It hasn't even really been a year yet...or maybe it has...but things have changed so much since then.  You rarely see parties at buggards anymore...if you're in's usually Lizzards.  Oh! Forgot to mention...I don't have a screenshot of it, but I finally got my Loki from this guy.  He was generous enough to drop it for me after we proced blue and I brewed with my whm.

Back when Procs were unheard of.  La Theine was my first zone boss kill, and this was back when some people believed that if the mob changed colors you wouldn't get the "Atma".  I also clearly remember at this time not knowing what an Atma was, nor did I really think I needed them.  Boy was I wrong...I love my atmas and I wouldn't go into abyssea without them.

This was the first time in the new Scars zones.  A few of my friends and myself saw this linkshell killing the dragon over here and it was certainly a fun fight to watch.  As you can see...I'm pretending I'm invisible over here.

I don't think I've ever been as impressed as I was with this zone.  The area is beautiful, and the music just ads to the feeling.  Shinryu...I applaud your home but I'm sorry...I'm taking it for my own and I want your most prized possessions. 

This screenshot was the first time I've ever seen Shinryu...and I have to tell you...he was pretty intimidating...I got my atma from him on the second run I believe, and got my abyssite for the 200k brews.  Currently I do not own any of the valuable armor pieces.  I do have the Twilight Knife and the Belt, but I really want the armor (Mail and Head) and the Cloak for a few of my jobs.  Currently I have only seen the helm drop, and I gave that to my friend because I know he's been dieing for it.  I really wanted it...but I am mostly on my WHM and WHM can sadly not wear that head piece.

This screenshot may not mean a lot to you, but to me it means the world.  This is the first time I was with the linkshell "RandomEncounters" and let me tell you...I was highly intimidated.  Rocko had asked me to join after seeing me cure a few of my friends with Shinryu.  He says I'm a good whm, but at times I still don't feel like I'm up to the caliber he thinks I am.  All that doubt aside...I was intimidated.  Everyone in this linkshell had top notch gear, and came from a high-end linkshell which I never thought I would even come close to getting into if I ever would bring myself to apply to another linkshell.  Current day...I feel more at home.  The gang is funny and we have a lot of fun doing what we do.

This one is the day I got Fenrir and Diablos.  Thank you Mort and Shag. You two are completely awesome.  I've also recently got the Yingyang Robe.  That was a hassle and a half to get, but we got it and it's safely tucked into my inventory until I can wear it.

This was a fun night.  My two friends and I decided to go PvP.  Sadly Cliran was the victor every time, coming close a few times to dieing, but managed to come back every time.  I love this island by the way, it's so beautiful, and makes for some great scenery when watching two people auto attack one another and throw in an ability here and there.

Well for now I supposed that's about it.  I'm working on my +2s for my armor, almost down with BST and PUP +2 head.  Maybe when servers come back up tonight, or tomorrow, I'll finnish the two off.  

Until the next time I see you all, have a safe and happy gaming life in FFXI. 

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