Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Spiders and wind, that's where my memories lie.
It's been a while since I decided to pop onto here and make a post.  A lot has been going through my mind and my priorities haven't been on track.  I haven't been feeling well either.  I can't sleep enough, and my appetite is being a constant bother.  I need to set myself up on a sleeping schedule...and possibly actually go to sleep at a decent hour...for the eating...not sure what I'm going to do with that.  I haven't been eating a lot lately because there hasn't been a plentiful bounty of food in my house lately, and Toasted Cheese and Peanut Butter sandwiches and milk gets really tiring to the point where I gag while eating it.  

A lot of it I'll chalk up to being the lonely gamer I am.  The sleeping I mean.  I have insecurities and I feel the darkness of my room swallow me whole each night.  It scares me...I latch onto who ever's voice I can contact on my phone...  Enough on that...

Above is a picture I drew a while back.  This picture was drawn for a friend, and the caption has a special meaning for me, and I hope it does for my friend.  I really want to get back into drawing again.  I love drawing my friends from FFXI and hearing if they liked it or not.  Some of my work hasn't been the pg-13 type either. I do get embarrassed about drawing those type of pictures, but I don't go slutty or drawn porn if you must ask.

On another happier note...I love to sing.  Singing brightens my day like no other.  I sit at my computer and sing for hours on end.  I play picture in my head of music videos I would love to make if I had any talents in animation at all. /endhappyrant

I has it.
I have been doing a lot of work on FFXI lately.  This is also a reason I haven't been posting either.  This took me five days, with about four to six hours work on each day doing this Cookbook quest in the Valkrum Maw.  The results from this was...  11 SAM 6 THF 2 BST 8 WHM.  All Leg Seals (which clog my inventory -WHM of course)  After I had done this...I had to do some new Abyssea battles to get the Resistance Credits points so I can go get my Orison Pantaloons.  That in itself took me two days work.  The battles were very short...and very rewarding.  I only needed 1k points to get and it took about an hour to get maybe (battle only).  This is where the drama starts...  After I got to level 83, I booked it to the Moogle and started the trial.  I was so excited...and then I went to trade my pants (with trial) and the seals to the moogle...and he tells me "I only do armor...talk to the other moogle."  At that point I went and talked to the other moogle and he in returned told me "I only do weapons...talk tot he other moogle."  WTF???  I looked it up on my trial and it didn't exactly tell me what I had to do.  After an hour or logging and re-logging, trading, and crying (not really), I waited for someone who had an upgraded piece and asked them how they got the moogle to give you your item.  A fellow linkshell member happened to run by with a peice upgraded, and I jumped all over him like flies to honey.

"How did you complete your trial?  The moogle wont take my seals"

"You trade the seals to the crate next to the moogle..."

ooooh.... /facepalm

At that point I traded my seals and got my pants.  I was so happy I chair danced...yes...chair danced.  My anger gone, and all that was left was my happiness expressed in a wriggling dance in my chair.

I'm not sure what I want to talk about from here on out...I haven't been doing much lately except for the stuff listed above.  So for the moment, I'll end this bug here and move onto more music...and speaking of music...check out the blog before this one...it has some awesome youtube talent.

Christina Grimmie & Alex Goot - "DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love"

Check this out! My newest addiction. Absolutely in love with Alex's voice. :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Late Comming

Look ma!  I'm a ghost!

Well, it's been a while since I've been around.  I'm still alive, just been doing things in real life.  I needed to get away from the stress of the game and actually do things in the real world for a change.  I really didn't tell people I was going away for a bit.  Just needed a break you know?  I'm sorry for not saying anything, but I'm doing good.

I have the itch though...not the nasty kind either.  This itch consists of six hours of working on the new level cap and meriting.  Man...I want to work on my new hat and armor...I just have to wait.  Maybe by the time I return people will have the information up on how to get these seals needed for the upgrade...  I'll just have to see.

If you wonder why this Tetris image is to the left of this paragraph...well...I'll tell you.  The last two days I had a craving to play it.  What did I do?  I went onto Facebook and started playing 2p on Tetris battle.  My computer lags, so I get frustrated when I go to drop my block...just to have it drop like three seconds later in a different spot I wanted it in.  So I started playing and I got two levels yesterday and a few ranks so I'm excited.  Enough on that though.

Today also I went and saw the new Resident Evil movie, and at some parts I could sit there and just guess what was going to happen...or who people where.  "Well...that's obvious to who **** is...he's **** from **** to ****."  Alright, I'll stop with the spoilers, but I do recommend seeing it.  I will also say, the previews to the movie though scared the shit out of me.  I don't remember which movie it was for...but I thought something was going to scare me at the beginning but it didn't...but at the end of the trailer where the little girl is crawling under her blankets with a flashlight and then a loud scream and fast ugly/ghost face jumps out at you...ya...I'm glad I didn't need the restroom just yet...  Another little thing...Do you guys remember that Axe holding big guy from resident evil 5?  Well...he's in here...and he's awsome...yet scary >.>.

Sorry about the short blog, but I have no energy and having to work tomorrow already mentally exhausts me.  So I wish you all a good evening/morning or what ever time you read this.  Have fun, and happy hunting on FFXI.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

To a Great Relief

WoE sitting place, the sky is gonna eat me.
I really don't taste like chicken.

Today started off as a bad day work, but it quickly turned into a better one.  The highlight of my day had to of been when me and my co worker were trying to put together the cardboard "3-D" display for Halo Reach.  Laugh all you want, but it was the most fun I had all day.

The box came with a large list of instructions for putting it together, but looking at the instructions...it became easy to tell that the instructions weren't very...instructive.  Most of it was "well...this looks right...hey it is!" sorta touch and go.  When putting together the base we noticed we were missing a piece...and then come to find out it had fallen out of the line of site and laughed at the thirty minutes it took us to finally put together this five foot tall cardboard piece together.  I'll be sure to grab a picture of it to show you our handy work.

Currently, I can't say I've done much on game lately.  I leveled my pup to sixty-four, and I can't tell you how happy that made me.  I've been sixty-three for six months, and I never thought I would get it passed it.  Well anyway, we were doing birds outside of whitegate.  Halfway through it I switched to white mage pup because our healer was running out of magic and I said i'd help out.  From there on out it looked as though my pup was mainly doing the "main healing".  That's fine and all, I know Histrion seems to have a never ending supply of magic, or it seems that way.  Though at times if all he's doing is casting cure iv he starts to run out fast.  So I have to deactivate/reactivate, and there it causes problems.  All in all though, I was pretty happy.

I saw that they finally released the official day they are doing the update for FFXI, which is tomorrow.  I know the abyssea trailer said it would be tomorrow, but SE had failed to mention if this was the "true" date.  Upon reading the notes for it tomorrow, I saw that they are releasing a new NPC that would warp us to the the maws.  This made me thing, "Are they going to charge us gil, or curor?"  I really...REALLY hope it's the later of the two, because we all know that SE isn't going to do it for free.  Even if it ends up being one thousand curor it would be well worth the cost just for the faster access, and no need to wait on a tele.  Too bad there they aren't releasing a Nomad Moogle inside the zones...but maybe they are...we'll find out tomorrow...and if so...I'm so claiming total rights to "I knew they would!" first.

Scars of Abyssea
For the armor they have released on the website also for the new add on /expansion.  I will swear up and down that they are doing a full set.  I mean really, look at this photo.  I'll admit I don't know what all a Blue Mage wears for armor, but can anyone honestly tell me what body piece he's wearing in this photo?  It does not look like perle either from the Vissions part.  You can sorta see the taru Thief in the background, and it looks like he's wearing a matching body.  For the Red Mage, it looks like maybe gloves and the design for the body is different, but I wont swear to the Red Mage.  I may be crazy, but again, if there really is a FULL SET, I call claims to "I told you so" to all that argued with me recently about this photo.

Finally the last thing I will talk about is the video link I posted below.  It was my failed attempt at sharing this to my blog from youtube, but underneath it is the link to the video.  Anyway, the song below is a nightcored version of N Force's "All Or Nothing".  I believe the original is by O-Town, but I could be wrong.  Anyway, this song has been on my mind the last few days and I broke down and downloaded the nightcored version someone had made on youtube, (thank you!).  Either way, if you don't know what nightcore is, I'll just break it down.  Nightcore = slightly/sped up version of already made songs.  I guess you can really sum it up as a type of remix.  The pitch is also usually raised just slightly, but it shouldn't sound chipmunk-y.  Well, I do hope you enjoy it.  I'll give out one more link to a nightcored version of a remix to the famous Titanic Theme.  Enjoy.

My Heart Will Go On

Nightcore III - All Or Nothing

My latest addiction.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Long, Interesting Day

Welcome back, this is my spot.
Good morning all, it's 12:06 am CST and I'm having a rotten, yet interesting day.  Rotten how?  Well it just seems that all my wireless adapters and computers just don't want to hook up to the wireless router, even though not even hours before hand they were working just find.  Oh well, I'll start again in the morning.

Today my day consisted of logging into FFXI and yes...sitting in my spot.  Not much went on today because I was mostly working on my room in the real world.  Today I arranged it with the help of my family so that I may have more wall room so everything is not so crowded.

For supper today, I ordered Pizza Hut pizza, and let me tell you...there was a lot.  My grandmother was joining us for dinner tonight and we needed to feed four.  So I ordered the new Italian pizza, a large hand tossed pizza, pepperoni p'zone, and a family order of bread sticks.  The p'zone is my lunch and dinner for the next night.  Well to continue my story, I picked up my grandma and drove to the pizza hut which is not even three minutes from my apartment building.  When I pick up the order, my grandma helps me out with it, and because the Italian pizza is so long, she bangs every door out with it, and she has trouble holding it in "my small car" she claims.  I drive a 2009 Cheve Aveo hatchback.  Love it.

After food, I log in game for a while, and get dragged to helping with a VNM, which I really think we didn't have the people for.  Well, we wiped, and then went to do tier ones.  During this process, a member of the group starts asking vague questions like "do you have one?"  which myself and another ask "one what?" and goes on to say, "well apparently with those answers no one has they vnm abyssite w".  Just on a side note...it really...really drives me crazy when I see someone use "w" instead of "lol".  For those who may not know, "w" is the Japanese way of lol, or that's what I have came to understand.  Moving on...

Spider trial.
As we go on, the same person asks if anyone has one, him meaning a vnm, and I reply that there is one 100+ yalms (ffxi distance) ahead of me, and he goes off with "why are you people making this so hard?"  At this point, I was fed up with his attitude, I really wasn't needed there, so I left.  I don't know why he has this superior attitude, and I'm at a point where I am going to block him, so I don't have to put up with him.

On a brighter note.  I'll talk about a few pictures for now.  The picture on the right is the attempt at the spider trial for the light staff I am working on.  Zandra, the Summoner next to me, has to do this trial for another one of her staffs, to which I am unsure of which she is working on as of now.  We had a few people join us last night, but left us because the internal clock had run it's course.  Soon after this picture, I ran out of fuel and departed for bed after that.

A old photo our the linkshell on our stairs before
the big fall out and change.

The picture on the left is what I would like to refer to as, "the good old days".  This was back when I still cared in general about the game.  Rose is no longer on the server due to starting over from the drama of this server, Ele next to her hardly gets to play, and Purple next to me on the stairs has gone his own way and enjoys himself in another shell.  After the "big fall out" I really lost interested in how I acted in the shell.  I would say things blut and at times rude.  To this day, I still care very little as to how things go.  With everyone's attitude changing in the ls, it's hard to just sit there and go back to the way things were when they are not.  We've had members come and go, and the management in our linkshell seems to go only one way.  At a time, we have three sacs in our shell, when it used to be double that not even three months ago.  The good old days, how I miss thee.

Wall glitch.
This one is a fun one, and this is why I will end this bug with a well..."bug".  I was showed this fun glitch by Rose.  We all had fun, and ran along the edge of the wall and stood atop here and watched and waved at people that ran below us.  It was amusing, and again, one of the last pictures I have of my group of friends when they were all still a group of friends.  I had fun, and one day I'll find a new group of friends where we can do stupid things and learn secrets from one another.

Sorry about the short blog, but tonight, this is all that's really on my mind.  I hope you all have a good Labor Day, I'll be working and earning myself some of that holiday pay tonight.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Another FFXI Blog

Welcome to my world.
Recently I've been sitting at home after the long eight hour days I put into my choice of current occupation doing nothing but play a computer game where all I seem to do is sit around. This game I refer to is Final Fantasy XI, or FFXI.

Why do I start this blog, even though it seems I do nothing of interest to anyone? One answer, I was bored, and my friends have blogs. Will I keep up with this? Who knows, maybe I will, maybe I wont, only time will tell and we'll just have to see where this takes me. Possibly I'll talk about my sitting spots, and possibly go on to tell tales of my grand adventures as I watch others stroll by as they look busy.

If you frequent the server of Cerberus, and happen to play during the evening/early hours of of North American Central Standard Time, you may find me at my favorite sitting spot, Aht Urhgan Whitegate. I frequent the spot atop the stairs, on the right, near the mog house. Most of my friends have come to frequent this spot also, and at times, remind me when I actually happen to stretch my legs that they are in "my spot".

The time now is 1:14am CST. Where am I in the world of FFXI? Well... The Boyahda Tree actually. Tonight I am working on, or shall I say, waiting to work on my trial to complete my cure potency staff. It's been about three hours, two monopoly games, and several nightcored songs on YouTube and still no weather for this. I'm begining to wonder what exactly it really is I'm doing.

I'm not alone tonight, and I haven't been the passed few nights either. I have been accompanying my Linkshell co-leader to these trials hoping to get a few completed where I wont be standing still on this. As a White Mage, a healer, it's hard to do these for myself for the lack of strength my character needs to actually take on one of these...wretched spiders.

Kirameki in Gusgen Mines Treasure Chest.

I must say, I really lack the motivation to really do much in this game. I prefer the company of friends, and lately there has been a lack there of. When I start to think back, I begin to remember all the fun times I had back on Hades with my friend Kirameki. No matter where we were, or what we were doing, one, or both of us, would die. My friend would ask me why I would do things with her if they resulted in my character's demise, I would tell them that no matter what happened, we laughed and had fun.

With the picture on the left of this, we were in Gusgen grabbing keys for Kira's race specific gear she had never went to pick up. During one of these attempts, we had found the chest, and before we opened it, took this little screen shot of "Kira in a Box". So many stories we had together, and about four hours of fun chatting away to our linkshell before it split and the members went there own separate ways.

For now, I believe I have a good start on this so called "Blog", if you ask me why I call my Blog a Bug...well...I really can't tell you why. Kiori Bug has always just stuck with me when I created my name three years ago for my Mithra. Until next time, have fun, and stay safe.